While looking for an ad to be analyzed, I found this Coca Cola advertisment on google images. It caught my eye because of its simplicity, and because of how they used the Coke bottle to make a design. After finding the direct link, I found it published on this website: http://www.wabbaly.com/graphic-design-inspiration-search-color-red/

Throughout the article the author is focusing on the color red and analyzing various other ads, from different companies.


With the red background, the white coca cola bottles and white lettering really stand out and are obviously the focus of the ad. Since there is so much red in comparison to the white, it causes the viewer of the ad focus on the white, which is what Coca Cola wants.


The repeating aspect of this ad is the Coke bottle. From the teeth/lips, to the creases in ones cheeks at the end of a smile, the Coke bottle makes up the whole thing. This repetition puts the idea that Coke makes you happy, into the viewers head.


Coca Cola is known for their red and white brand colors; this ad shows that by only using two colors: red and white. We talked about the color playing a role in contrast, but the simplicity of the ad (only using two colors) shows how the colors of red and white are such a big part of their brand.



There isn’t a ton of alignment going on in the Ad, but the smile is placed in the center of the page, vertically and horizontally. The placement of the smile causes the viewer to bring their attention to the center of the page, and because the words are placed directly below, it is easy and natural for the viewer to drop their vision down to the words.


Similar to alignment, since the words are below the smile, it’s easy to drop down and look at them. But something that is important to recognize is that the words aren’t super close to the smile, they are far enough away that they stand out and are noticeable without being a hassle, but not too close that they get drowned out by the whiteness of smile.


To the regular viewer, this is a really simple advertisement, but because of these five principles we’ve learned about in class, it’s clear that a lot of design and consideration went into this ad. I like how simple it is. I appreciate how Coke consciously made decisions about the ad to make it as effective and visually pleasing to the viewer as possible by using contrast, repetition, color, proximity and alignment.