“Cameron Crowe details a year in the life of the One Direction star as he leaves behind his boy-band past, heads to Jamaica and comes of age”


This magazine article was done by Rolling Stone, and written by Cameron Crowe. This magazine will appeal to millennial across the world.

Typeface #1

The first typeface used is Oldstyle. In the first example you will notice that the letter R has a serif. Next it is clear that because the letter S has slight thick to thin transition in the strokes it also shows Oldstyle. Lastly, there is also a diagonal stress shown in the letter E because it is shown at an angle.

Typeface #2

For this next typeface, I definitely thought it could be a mixture of multiple different typefaces. After studying it, I decided that the words “Rolling Stone” is Script. I decided this because overall both words have a unique look that can’t perfectly fit into one category. The first example is in the letter R, you can tell that because that lower part of the R is dragged out longer past the O and the L it is its own unique calligraphy. When looking at the E, you can notice very similar things because the bottom of the E almost connects with the top of the E, which is not common within the other categories.


This magazine cover contrasts together great. The fact that “Rolling Stone” is script, makes the title so much more unique and eye catching. But since it is unique, you wouldn’t use it as a normal font for a large portion of text. By making “Harry Styles” a different typeface, this allows you to notice his name, but also realize this article is professional and is an overall classy look. There are some similarities within the two typefaces though. Such as the the letter E, in both words they are angled or diagonally stressed, and the letter S has somewhat of a thick to thin transition, and also a serif.


This magazine article is an edgy, classy, and vintage look. Without the right typography, it could all be ruined. Rolling Stone did a great job at choosing the right typeface that would look best for the style they were going for. I think that this is beyond pleasing to the eye and shows that the different principles used for this cover, makes a for a professional overall look.