When preparing for this assignment, I thought about different conference talks that had really influenced me. Elder Jeffrey R. Holland’s talk “Tomorrow the Lord Will do Wonders Among You” really touched me and influenced my life for the better. I wanted to do the talk justice and create a really simple design that would highlight important elements of the talk, but not detract from Elder Holland’s teachings.

This spread is a neutral design and I think it appeals to a very broad age group, but I chose male and females 21-40. The high-quality photo, yellow text, and font for the title of the article help appeal to younger people while the simple layout for the article itself helps it reach older people. I chose this age group, with these design principles in mind, because at that point in your life you are continually figuring out what will happen in your life next, and this talk is very comforting to those who are lost or worried about the future.

I really enjoyed this project and being able to get more familiar with InDesign. Between typography, color, text placement, and using photos to enhance text, I learned a lot. I think two of the most important decisions I made were the photos I chose and the color of the text for the titles. I chose a photo of the Seattle temple, which I took when I went to the wedding of my now sister-in-law, and a photo of a brook over by my aunt’s house. I like the photo of the Seattle temple a lot because of the upward angle of it; the angle creates a sense of looking upward to God and moving forward. The photo of the brook creates a sense of journey and pressing onward. I chose the yellow text for the title because it’s bright and hopeful, which is very similar to the theme of this talk. And I chose the green text for the subtitles and quote because it ties the text in with the photo of the brook.