The icons I chose to create, are succulents. Although a few look like they are cacti, they belong in the succulent category of plants. Since they are all so diverse looking, I wanted to make sure there was consistency through the colors. By having that consistency, they all look like they belong together and are from the same plant family.


As far as color themes go, I chose to have earthy green toned succulents, and brown pots. I chose to do this because the green and brown contrast well together and make the succulents stand out. I decided to add some bright colors like pink for the stroke on the pots, purple in the flowers, and orange in the flowers. I wanted the flowers on the cacti to stand out, that way it adds a little pop of color, and I wanted the pots to have a bright stroke so they would make the pots match more with the bright green.

Target Audience

Succulents have been extremely popular plants the last couple years. Since they are very well known plants, I wanted to find the perfect target audience. I had succulents as one of my main plants at my wedding, and I gave my friends and family various arrangements afterwards. I found that females between the ages of 18-30, who had a green thumb, were most interested in the succulents. In my opinion, a large appeal to these plants, is the diversity and uniqueness of each plant. With that being said, I believe my designs show how different succulents can be, and that is the beauty of them.


While designing my icons I had some inspiration from the succulents I grow at my apartment. I was able to use that inspiration to make similar yet completely different icons. I hope that my target audience appreciates and enjoys the designs that I was able to create.

9×6 Icons

60×60 Icons

400×400 Icons