While trying to find an ad to redesign, I wanted to find something sleek and simple. After looking for some time, I decided to go with Apple Music. Their ads have gone to a more black and white vintage theme recently. Although I like their ads, I wanted to make it more of a summer feel with a lot more colors.

Males and females, ages 21-30, appreciate music, and enjoy the outdoors. I want to target more of a young adult crowd, that spends times in the woods with friends and family. That audience has a certain appreciation for music, and I’m hoping this ad will appeal to them.

When it comes to designing simple things such as slides, I don’t have a ton of creativity. So I did struggle a little bit with having my slides look appealing, after getting some feedback I was able to make some changes and I do think it looks a lot better. The only thing I regret is making my background that color of green. It could come across as a spotify ad now. I sampled the picture for a color theme and that green looked the best and unfortunately I didn’t realize the background color sooner. But I still think it looks good because the simplicity of the font makes it easy to read, and I like that I stuck with the black and white theme to a certain extent.