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Slide Design Times

While trying to find an ad to redesign, I wanted to find something sleek and simple. After looking for some time, I decided to go with Apple Music. Their ads have gone to a more black and white vintage theme recently. Although I like their ads, I wanted to make it more of a summer feel with a lot more colors.

Males and females, ages 21-30, appreciate music, and enjoy the outdoors. I want to target more of a young adult crowd, that spends times in the woods with friends and family. That audience has a certain appreciation for music, and I’m hoping this ad will appeal to them.

When it comes to designing simple things such as slides, I don’t have a ton of creativity. So I did struggle a little bit with having my slides look appealing, after getting some feedback I was able to make some changes and I do think it looks a lot better. The only thing I regret is making my background that color of green. It could come across as a spotify ad now. I sampled the picture for a color theme and that green looked the best and unfortunately I didn’t realize the background color sooner. But I still think it looks good because the simplicity of the font makes it easy to read, and I like that I stuck with the black and white theme to a certain extent.



Charmin Ad


After looking for the picture picture of a ski slope, I found one by Toa Heftiba. I found his photograph on a Creative Commons website.

For the toilet paper picture I had to do a lot of searching, but I found it on another Creative Commons website.

My target audience is males and females, ages 18-24, single, with a masters degree, making $40,000 – $59,000, and this ad will be seen through magazines and blogs. I feel that my ad will definitely appeal to my audience because now, more than ever, skiing and snowboarding has become a very large hobby in the winter so the demographic is much larger.

While creating this ad, I spent a lot of time trying to make the toilet paper rolls blend so that they didn’t look misplaced. I had a hard time decided how to use the toilet paper in the ad, but after looking for toilet paper image, I found out my options were pretty limited. More than half of the images were unraveling like I had wanted. I finally found the roll that I used in my ad and thought id be able to have it unraveling as it went down the hill but it ended up not looking right and I felt like my audience wouldn’t know that it was supposed to be unraveling. So after doing a lot of editing I decided to go with the rolls going the normal way, so I angled the rolls with the hill and I thought it looked good. It wasn’t exactly what I wanted but I thought it turned out pretty well.

Ultimately the principles used for this design were definitely important. As far as typography goes, I decided to do a simple font that was easy to read because there is so much going on in the ad. I then chose blue print because the Charmin logo is mostly blue.

Going skiing or snowboarding in the mountains, tends to be a peaceful experience where you go and just focus on you. Going to the bathroom and using Charmin ultra soft toilet paper can be exactly the same. The toilet paper is being shown going down the mountain just as smoothly as the other skiers and snowboarders. Showing that using Charmin toilet paper can be a very similar experience as going to the slopes.

Iconic Icons


The icons I chose to create, are succulents. Although a few look like they are cacti, they belong in the succulent category of plants. Since they are all so diverse looking, I wanted to make sure there was consistency through the colors. By having that consistency, they all look like they belong together and are from the same plant family.


As far as color themes go, I chose to have earthy green toned succulents, and brown pots. I chose to do this because the green and brown contrast well together and make the succulents stand out. I decided to add some bright colors like pink for the stroke on the pots, purple in the flowers, and orange in the flowers. I wanted the flowers on the cacti to stand out, that way it adds a little pop of color, and I wanted the pots to have a bright stroke so they would make the pots match more with the bright green.

Target Audience

Succulents have been extremely popular plants the last couple years. Since they are very well known plants, I wanted to find the perfect target audience. I had succulents as one of my main plants at my wedding, and I gave my friends and family various arrangements afterwards. I found that females between the ages of 18-30, who had a green thumb, were most interested in the succulents. In my opinion, a large appeal to these plants, is the diversity and uniqueness of each plant. With that being said, I believe my designs show how different succulents can be, and that is the beauty of them.


While designing my icons I had some inspiration from the succulents I grow at my apartment. I was able to use that inspiration to make similar yet completely different icons. I hope that my target audience appreciates and enjoys the designs that I was able to create.

9×6 Icons

60×60 Icons

400×400 Icons

While looking for an ad to be analyzed, I found this Coca Cola advertisment on google images. It caught my eye because of its simplicity, and because of how they used the Coke bottle to make a design. After finding the direct link, I found it published on this website:

Throughout the article the author is focusing on the color red and analyzing various other ads, from different companies.


With the red background, the white coca cola bottles and white lettering really stand out and are obviously the focus of the ad. Since there is so much red in comparison to the white, it causes the viewer of the ad focus on the white, which is what Coca Cola wants.


The repeating aspect of this ad is the Coke bottle. From the teeth/lips, to the creases in ones cheeks at the end of a smile, the Coke bottle makes up the whole thing. This repetition puts the idea that Coke makes you happy, into the viewers head.


Coca Cola is known for their red and white brand colors; this ad shows that by only using two colors: red and white. We talked about the color playing a role in contrast, but the simplicity of the ad (only using two colors) shows how the colors of red and white are such a big part of their brand.



There isn’t a ton of alignment going on in the Ad, but the smile is placed in the center of the page, vertically and horizontally. The placement of the smile causes the viewer to bring their attention to the center of the page, and because the words are placed directly below, it is easy and natural for the viewer to drop their vision down to the words.


Similar to alignment, since the words are below the smile, it’s easy to drop down and look at them. But something that is important to recognize is that the words aren’t super close to the smile, they are far enough away that they stand out and are noticeable without being a hassle, but not too close that they get drowned out by the whiteness of smile.


To the regular viewer, this is a really simple advertisement, but because of these five principles we’ve learned about in class, it’s clear that a lot of design and consideration went into this ad. I like how simple it is. I appreciate how Coke consciously made decisions about the ad to make it as effective and visually pleasing to the viewer as possible by using contrast, repetition, color, proximity and alignment.

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